noia :'666'

recordings and sketches made on june 6 2006 on one of the dutch isles

location I: first tree: in a hilly woodland a group of big black birds fly up disturbed by my presence
I take it as a sign that the first location is near. I choose it left on the side of the path under a tree. I sit down with my back towards the tree and start recording with a fir cone and a dry leaf I found earlier. then I notice two twigs on the right of me lying in a six-ray star.

location II: second tree: in a dense part of the wood black-white birds fly up in front of me. I take it as a sign that the second location is near. there is a narrow path and a tree has fallen down across the path slanting up. I straddle on the trunk and want to start recording. a passing woman disturbs me for a moment then a high pitched whistle sounds two dogs appear from the bushes but stop at the trunk and run away to where they came from. Besides the trunk I find entwined twigs and a dry wood that is easily split. I start recording and drum on the trunk with two halves of the wood.

in between: on the wall of a transformer-building spraypainted in red are '666' and a pentagram pointing down. I record the hissing sound coming from the building.

location III: third tree: I look out for white birds but I cannot stear coincidence. I follow the call of a tern and also hear a cuckoo. A very narrow path takes me to an open field of overgrown dunes. I sit down besides an oak bush from which a dry white tree scrapes the sky. I start recording without making a sound.