noia :'777'

these recordings and sketches were made on july 7 2007 at several rural locations north of leeuwarden nl

location I - at an open space screened by a row of trees - found a lying twig with a split - took dry twigs that were straight - broke one to pieces and used the other for rhythms on the lying twig - stopped the rhythms at a gust of wind and continued when it passed

location II - between the edge of the woodland and a ditch - was a green cart-rut - the ground was marshy - found a twig with sidetwigs and dry leaves - dragged it across the high grass - there was a wooden fence on a passage across the ditch - besides it water ran from a big drain pipe - sat down on the fence and rustled the twig across the grass - stopped when a gust of wind came on and continued when it passed - then hung the twig upside down on the fence - sketched it untill it fell off

location III - between location I and II was a giant hogweed - sat down in the grass and sketched it - a strong wind and environmental sounds - recording without consiously-made sounds

ending - on the shed of a rowing club there was a graffitti: 'LSD' and something that could be seen as '777' with some imagination
recording of environmental sounds