RNA usually stands for RiboNucleicAcid as in DesoxyriboNucleicAcid: chemical information transfer; a long string of information units that define the form of an organism. resonan makes it into RadioNoiseAdministration. a free interpretation of the abbreviation and the use of the word administration in a double meaning. The noise is organized in blocks, usual in media like radio: program-commercial-news- commercial-program. In this way a contrast is made between the chaos of the noise and the rigid organization of it. This organized noise is about the difference between data and information; data are raw material, meaningless in itself; it gets meaning when it is arranged or organized in a certain context, otherwise it is only noise. Too much information can be noise too; it must be carefully dosed. resonan does not make a radio program and does not need to bring clear information. Data, noise, information and organization to build with.