rescd16 : autumn trinity : 2005 : 3"CDR

"In the Republic, describing the ideal state, Plato already excludes popular music. Only the harp and Apollo's lyre would be permitted in towns because their harmony alone creates "the strain of necessity and the strain of freedom, the strain of the unfortunate and the strain of the fortunate, the strain of courage and the strain of temperance which befit the citizen." City-dwellers panicked before Pan's flute and its power to awaken the instincts. Only "the shepherds may play [Pan's] pipes and they only in the country.""

[Ivan Illich - deschooling society]

« Le système des gammes, des modes et de leur enchaînement harmonique ne repose pas sur des lois naturelles invariables, mais il est, au contraire, la conséquence de principes esthétiques qui ont varié avec le développement progressif de l'humanité, et qui varieront encore; »
[Comte de Lautréamont - Les Chants de Maldoror]

three new episodes of sonic recollection:

01 the power of the sound

02 the song of the wine

03 the dying of the light